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XXS Normal Zipper (3A)

XXS Normal Zipper (3A)

SKU: 0005
32,00 krPris

Usage: Pants, Bags, Pocket Pockets and more.

Zipper material: Metal and plastic

Width: 4.60-4.90mm

Height: 1.80-2.00mm

Previous name: 3A-2 (straight puller)

Brand: Opti D, V, K, YBS / YKK


We always recommend to messure your zipper, to make sure it is the right size and it fits within the messurements above. You messure the width in milimeter, over a closed zipper edge to edge over the teeth. Then you messure the height of the zipper in milimeter; the thickness of the zipper. 

Look under instructions and FAQ for more details. 


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